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      Ford1's Assembly line
     It is hard for modern people to imagine the life one hundred years ago. No television, no plastic, no ATMs, no DVDs. Illnesses like tuberculosis2, diphtheria, pneumonia3 meant only death. Of course, cloning appeared only in science fiction. Not to mention,
     Today, our workplace are equipped with assembly lines, fax machines, by air conditioners, cell phones. Antiobitics helped created a long list of miracle drugs. The bypass operation saved millions. The discovery of DNA4 has revolutionized the way scien Moon. With the rapid changes we have been experiencing, the anticipation5 for the future is higher than ever.
     A revoluntionary manufacturing process made it possible for anyone to own a car. Henry Ford, the man who put the world on wheels.
      to singling out those who have made a difference in all our lives, you cannot overlook Henry Ford. A historian a century from now might well conclude that it was Henry Ford who most influenced all manufacturing. Everywhere, even to this day, by introducing a new way to make cars – one, strange to say, that originated in slaughter-
     Back in the early 1900s, what could have been called a “dis-assembly line.” That is. The carcass of a slain6 steer7 meat-cutters, each of whom cut off only a certain portion. Ford reversed this process to see if it would speed up production of a part of an automobile9, one of its elements was placed on a conveyer, and each worker, as it passed, added another partially11 them one cars a year, a remarkable12 achievement then. And so efficient and economical was this new system that he cut the price of his cars in half, to '260, putting them within reach of all those who, up until that time, could not afford them. Soon, auto8 makers13 the world over copied him. In fact, he encouraged them to do so by writing a book about all of his innovations, entitled Today and Tomorrow. The Age of the Automobile had arrived. Today, aided by robots and other forms of automation, everything from toasters to perfumes are made on assembly lines.
     Edsel Ford, Henry's great-grandson, and a Ford vice14 president: “I think that my great- ”
      from Japan. Norman Bodek, who publishes books about manufacturing processes, finds this ironic15. On a recent trip to Japan he talked to two of the top officials of Toyota.
     丰田 两位最高官员谈过话。
     “When I asked them where these secrets came from, where their ideas came from to manufacture in a totally different way, they laughed, read it in Henry Ford's book from 1926. Today and Tomorrow.'”
     , he says, manufacturers everywhere can still learn from Henry Ford.