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      When There’s a Dream in Your Heart中大美眉的幸福读研生活 李景娜,生于齐鲁大地的冬枣之乡,大学就读于孔子故里——曲阜师范大学。2003年本科毕业,旋即南赴广州中山大学读研。在此,她愿与大家一同share快乐、幸福的读研生活。 ; only there is dream in your heart can you work hard and strive for it, diligent1, confident and active for it, and then you will realize your dream and have a wonderful future!
     At the second semester of my junior year, many students began to hit the books to prepare for the postgraduate2 exam, and so did I. After many days and nights of hard work, I was recruited by the School of Foreign Languages at Sun Yat-sen University and became a postgraduate in Foreign Linguistics3 and Applied4 Linguistics.
     I The streets are lined with tall and straight palm trees and the verdant5 lawns can be seen here and there. What impressed me most is the lawn before the Huaishi Hall, smooth and broad, and ease people’s pain and sadness.
     At the registry, that my dormitory was on the ninth floor! Much delighted, I thought to myself: “It’s so high! be great!” couldn’t help taking a look. Yes, that’s it! The scene was so beautiful and my dormitory was absolutely the right place for sight- as I had imagined. I was totally struck by the beauty of the southern scenery. Seen on the balcony, a mass of flourishing foliage6 came to my eyes, and the tall hedges and the narrow footpath7 seemed to dispose me in the idyllic8 life depicted9 poet Tao Yuanming. To my greater joy, from all over China and made acquaintance with them. Never did I have such kind of experience before.
     Being intoxicated10 with the beautiful view, a week had passed and there came the classes. The teaching mode was a far cry from that in my undergraduate days. The professors would leave you more materials to read, give you more time to think and offer you more opportunities to display yourself. The most important part of each course was the making of presentations. I enjoy this program very much actually, in that I believe this provides me with more practical knowledge and promotes my interest in carrying out research. Of course, it’s not an easy task. It requires your painstaking11 efforts and needs you to read a lot of books. And this is the essence of making presentations: learning from books and creating out of books. One presentation that still remains12 fresh in my mind is the one about collegiate English education, that was a great challenge for me at that moment. This program requires the originality13 as well as synthesizability. Our team members had nothing in our mind at all at the very beginning. Seeing that the other teams did a very excellent job, couldn’ to a series of consulting, designing and revising, we finally gave out one satisfied presentation. This experience made me fully14 realize the importance of teamwork.
     Sun Yat-sen University adopts a two-year postgraduate education system. I spent the first academic year in the process of attending lectures, and making presentations, which put me on the right track for my future research. At the beginning of the second year,, but since it is the first step of an excellent MA thesis, topic. So far, began to analyze15 the data of the results. Although it is hard to tackle, I am confident to come over it and accomplish it successfully I love this topic and it is the one I have always been looking for.
     The postgraduate life is not wholly dry and dull, and it doesn’ imagine. Here you have plenty of time at your own disposal. I love traveling, and I often take on trips at weekends and in vacations, during which you can enjoy the picturesque16 landscape, widen your horizon, and mould your temperament17.
     , get ready for challenges at any moment. This, however, is also the home of inspiration. Seeing other students’ perfect presentations, with much admiration18 and more shame, you may gain the momentum19 to improve yourself and to catch up with them. The life here might be a little bit less active, but you can have more time to think about life. This is a place where you can master the research methods, and meet the real scholars. More importantly, here that the first step to study is to learn to be a man, a real man.
     During my postgraduate life, I also found my Mr. Right, who deserves my love in the whole life. Actually, we are classmates for four years in the undergraduate life. He is a diligent and kind-hearted guy, and the students all like him. And for me, study in the same university, more chances to know each other, such a holy love.
     I still remember in one literature class when I was a senior, to write down our wishes in the next few years. I wrote three: to study at Sun Yat-sen University, to be a university teacher and to travel most parts of China. Now, true. Besides, who can share weal and woe20
     Now I want to tell you: ; only there is dream in your heart can you work hard and strive for it, diligent, confident and active for it, and then you will realize your dream and have a wonderful future!